Frequently asked questions

What am I getting into here?

For 15 years, my wife and I wrestled with this reality...I felt called to do ministry and she hated the expectations of church and ministry. So we tried and tried and tried to figure out a balance. I waited for her to find Jesus (ha!) and she waited for me to understand her. So 15 years later, a bachelors and master's degree in Christian Education, 7 years of serving in ministry, and a 2-year process of quitting we are. We are unashamedly in love with Jesus and are unwilling to compromise on Him. Everything else, we really have become indifferent. Denominations, predestination, eschatology, soteriology, worship...all of it. With where our culture has come and how little we know about the True Jesus, we have had to accept that most of what we learned, experienced, and were trained in simply does not matter anymore...when people don't know the Real Jesus, then it doesn't matter what denomination is right. When people don't know the Real Jesus, it doesn't matter which Bible study or church you go to. It simply doesn't matter. So we built a 20 part series to summarize the key elements of why our expectations of church and faith are based more on experience than the person of Jesus. We built the series to tear it all down so we could look specifically at Jesus apart from it all. Let Jesus be Jesus. Then we looked at what real freedom looks like when church no longer matters, when we are all ambassadors, and when we know the voice of Jesus. Leave everything else behind. It really can be this simple. "My sheep hear my voice...and they follow Me."

What's with the HAMMER?

First looks awesome. Second, it is an illustration that encapsulates the whole of our understanding on just what is wrong with our expectations of faith. "Don't live like a pillow when you're made to BE A HAMMER." That's all explained in the first video of the series.

How come in all the videos you're wearing the same hoodie against a white background?

We tried all the fancy stuff. I got a crazy expensive haircut. We got a formal studio. I positioned myself against a barn-wood wall and did half the videos. And they sucked. For real. I became everything I didn't want to teach. You see...Jesus is it. We decided that if we were going to be about Jesus, than we were not going to be about production, presentation, and professionalism. I needed to be Jake...I wear hoodies and backwards hats. I tell jokes and say things I shouldn't. I laugh at myself and expect you to laugh at me too. More than anything, I want you to know that Jesus is the real deal. So it can't be about me. It has to be about Him.

Why do I pay for this when there's so much great content for free out there?

Oh man, to help you get inside our heads on pricing this sucker is tough... 1). We know that psychologically, if something is free, we value it as free...not worth our time, energy, or effort. So we had to put a price on it. 2). This is a HUGE commitment! Its more than 5 hours of video spread out over 20 videos designed to be consumed over 20 different sessions. It is truly a philosophical reset that requires full spiritual and personal engagement. We value what we teach here more than you can imagine because we know the freedom that people are finding through it. So, we have to give it a pricetag that reflects the level of commitment that it will take from you to get through it, engage it, and let Jesus work in it. 3). We are a business, not a non-profit. If you love the product, you'll buy it for someone else. If you hate it, we'll give you your money back. This keeps us accountable to those who financially commit to us while allowing us the freedom to not have to raise funds.

Money-Back Guarantee?

We are building a brand. We are building a following. We speak to a particular person...someone who loves Jesus or is at least intrigued by Him but has been hurt by Christians or churches or even simply doubts much of what they do in church. If you buy the series, go through it, and find that Jesus doesn't use it in your life, than we're going to give your money back. You're not our target audience. And we're really okay with that! No buyer's remorse here! If you can say with clarity of conscience that you engaged the series and Jesus simply did not use it to advance His Kingdom in your life, than its "no questions asked, money-back guarantee."

Why don't you start a church?

This is a very common question as we share with people. The reality is this...many have had the heart that we have and decide to start a church. They go at it with a great heart for Jesus and see many people get on board. And then they grow...and they systematize...and they create all sorts of expectations...and they lose their heart. We have simply witnessed enough to know that this simply is not the answer to dealing with what is happening to the hearts of people regarding their faith here in America in the 21st century.

For-Profit Business vs a Non-Profit??

1). I love running a business! My wife and I have been running a vintage resale business for nearly a decade (I know, we're awesome). 2). I spent 7 years in the non-profit world of fundraising, asking for money, and promising "God will use your money to advance His Kingdom." Honestly, its exhausting and the more you do it the more you wonder if that promise is true. So we built a business with a money-back guarantee and no promises what-so-ever about God using it. That's going to be between you and Him. 3). Potential Reach: Honestly, for people who have left church, are considering leaving church, or who think its just a social club for people to judge others, there is a lot more potential to ask them to buy something rather than "donate" to an organization. 4). We believe this will go huge. Seriously. You don't spend 15 years thinking, processing, arguing, fighting, and asking Jesus, "What the heck?" and not conclude that Jesus has a clear message that He is asking you to share for the next 40 years of your life. We literally believe that this video series (and many more to follow) and teachings will spread across the globe. I don't want to spend the majority of my time in fundraising and donor development. I am a teacher and a lover of Jesus. Buy the product. Share the product. So much simpler.