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The 52-Part Series

For 52 Sessions you'll journey strategically through several different series all designed to point you towards a lifetime of faithful Kingdom representation.  This series prioritizes establishing a firm foundation from which you can launch into a lifetime of freedom. 

What's Included:
1)  Finding the Real God in a World Without Truth
2)  A Crash-Course in Studying the Bible
3)  Who Is God and What is He Like?
4)  The Single Story of the Bible
5)  Who is Jesus from Jesus' Perspective?
6)  Why Jesus Died?
7)  The Old Testament Prophecies Regarding Jesus
8)  Implications of Knowing Jesus in the 21st Century
9)  Jesus' Perspective on Salvation
10)  Understanding Your Role in God's Kingdom
11)  God's Version of Community


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20-Part Series

DIGITAL Workbook

Part 1:  5 Sessions

Why and how our views of God may have nothing to do with Jesus.

Part 2: 10 Sessions

What would Jesus be like if we sat across the table from Him with a cup of coffee?  What would make Him laugh?  What would make Him angry?  What would make Him proud? 

Part 3: 5 Sessions

Finding your own  personal calling from the Intimate Person of Jesus. 

You'll receive a Digital Workbook to download and work through to complement each session.

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Bible as a Story Seminar

Join us for this live, in-person seminar in which you'll walk away with understanding of how the whole story of the Bible fits together, how Jesus changes everything, and how you are designed specifically to be a chapter in this story.

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